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Sweet Corn

Raspberries, blackberries


Pickles and cukes
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Strawberries are available typically the first week of June until the first week of July depending on the weather. We pick our strawberries fresh daily. We pick them sweet and ripe so they should be used within a day.

Rhubarb is available during strawberry season until mid July.

Tomatoes are available from our opening in June until we close in November. Before our own beefsteak tomatoestomatoes are ready in mid July we have the famous Tennessee tomatoes available. For over 15 years the Morgan family, in the mountains of Tennessee have been bringing us tomatoes several times every week until our own are ready. Once our tomatoes are ready in early July, we will have our own beefsteak, grape, cherry, multicolored, roma and Heirloom tomatoes available until November.

Sweet corn is available typically by the 4th of July until early October. We raise the finest, true super sweet varieties. Our sweet corn is well known and considered by many the best they have ever had. Not all sweet corn is the same if you have never tried ours we guarantee you will be impressed. (We’ll even give you an ear to try on the house just ask the cashier.) We always have Bi-color corn. We also grow white corn and yellow corn that are available most, but not all the time.
Peaches are available late June until around Labor Day. Our peaches come from Burnham’s orchards in nearby Berlin Heights, Ohio. They are picked, graded and sent to us several times a week throughout the season. Some of the main varieties are Red Haven, Crest Haven and the Phlaming Fury series.

Peppers are available starting in early July and lasting until the first frost or until we close. We raise green, red, yellow sweet, sweet banana, hot banana, medium (semi) hot, jalapeno, yummy, cherry bomb and habanera.

Raspberries begin in early July and may last until the end of the month. Raspberries are often available occasionally in September. Raspberries are picked red ripe and should be used within a day of purchase.peaches

Blackberries are available mid July until around Labor Day.

Blueberries are available mid July until late August. When the crop is coming in strong, we offer blueberries in 5 and 10 pound boxes in addition to our pints.

Melons are available from June until mid September. When we open, we typically start with Georgia cantaloupes, switching to famous Indiana cantaloupes in early July and then homegrown lopes in late July. We also carry several types of watermelon including the standard red seedless, red seeded, cannonball and yellow seedless.

Eggplant is available from early July until the first frost or until we close. We grow regular purple, white and little fingers varieties.

Cherries are available starting in early July until mid August. We have local sweet cherries as well as Washington and Oregon cherries. We also have 10 lb tubs of pitted, Michigan tart cherries available by preorder. For details about tart cherries, visit our special events page.
Apples start in August with Lodi for about 2 weeks then the 1st fall apples come in late August and last until we close. Cider is available about a week after Labor Day until we close our apples and cider come from Burnham’s orchards in Berlin Heights. Some of the varieties we carry (in general order of availability) are: Lodi, Ginger Gold, Jersey Mac, Honey Crisp, Golden Supreme, Macintosh, Gala, Jonathon, Empire, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Melrose, Jonagold, Granny Smith and Staymen Winesap.

Squash, depending on the type, is available though out the season. Zucchini and yellow summer squash are available from mid June until we close. We often have very large zucchini available at squash a reduced price (great for baking). Hard fall squash such as butternut, acorn, spaghetti, and buttercup to name a few are available from late August until we close.

Herbs are available and cut fresh from our herb garden next to the market from late June until we close.
Herbs we have are basil, parsley, oregano, spearmint, sage, thyme, tarragon and chives. We also carry dill in large bunches, when available, for picking.

Pickles are available mid July through Labor Day. We generally have pecks of pickles available during this time, but it is a good idea to call ahead to check current availability. Cucumbers are available from early July until we close.

Potatoes and Onions are always available, but homegrown begin in late July. In Mid July new red and Yukon gold potatoes begin. In mid July local candy onions and Walla Walla onions are available.

Salad items such as leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, radishes, white radishes, Swiss chard, beets, green onions, celery and carrots are always available. Sometimes shipped, but often locally produced.

Beans, wax (yellow) and green are picked from early July to early October.

Pumpkins are available mid September until we close. We raise thousands and thousands, tons and tons of Pumpkins from 1lb to 50+ lbs. You can choose from our precutgrapes selection at the market or take a hayride to pick your own on weekends in October (12-5). Check out the special events page for more details.

Grapes are available late August until early October. We carry local seedless and concord grapes from local growers.

Canning and Freezing amounts of our produce are available. We recommend calling ahead and ordering because we generally only pick what we will sell in one day so our produce is always fresh. We always have plenty of sweet corn on hand without pre ordering, we can service orders up to about 30 dozen.

canning We do carry some “shipped” fruits and vegetables when they are out of season locally. Over the years, customers have requested we carry out of season or non-local items so they can get all of their ingredients at our market. For example, we carry Kiwi and bananas so customers can finish their fruit salads.

Cauliflower is available from mid September until we close.

pumpkins egg plant